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εγώ φαντάζομαι , διότι εγώ όνειρο.
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22nd-Oct-2020 11:19 am - FRIENDS ONLY ^-^
Dead toast! +_+
Still will post here from time to time with photography updates.

For everything else. Personal/otherwise.....
Moved on to a new journal.
5th-Mar-2011 03:13 pm - 365 Photo Project - Day 64!
:) Orange!
365/64 - 64 Ghosts

64 Days of 365 Complete!
I'm so happy with all the feedback that I've been getting. I don't post here everyday, and for that I'm sorry.
I do post on Tumblr, Deviantart, and Flickr though.


Electric Jon 365/61 - Reading Rainbow 365/53 - Forgotten Childhood [Tribute to Toy Story 3] 365/50 - Wind & Snow
6th-Sep-2009 11:20 pm - Film Blog.
Russell Brand! <3
Forgot to post this. I started writing on blog about my adventures in film. I write my thoughts on movies as I see them too.
Watch me and comment everyone! :D


22nd-Jul-2009 08:47 pm - ARASHI the Game!! [TAKING ORDERS]
Want to spend some time with your friends and family? Here's a great way to spend some time together!

SHIPPING: World Wide.

SHIPPING. [I ship EVERYWHERE!]Collapse )

Great for all ages, even if your friends and family aren't fans of Arashi, or JE they'll have fun playing this game!

1. Easy roll up board [EASY TRAVEL!]
2. Special Arashi printed $.
3. Johnnys Cards
4. Storm Cards
5. Color Game Pieces
6. Two Dice
7. Instructions

Orders take...Collapse )

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10th-Jul-2009 10:04 am - Silent Parade Productions! :D
Subscribe/Friend/Share the links with your friends!! :D
COMMENT PLEASE!! We will be posting a lot more soon.

Untimely Demise. It's our final project from the semester. It's a silent, film noir style short about a detective interrogating a murderer. The thoughts of the killers crime are projected on the wall before he strikes again. If you want to know what they're saying please let us know. We're considering adding the vocals again.

Shout is on Youtube...FINALLY!! Share the link with your friends and family EVERYONE!! :D
It's a 1980's remake of the music video by Tears for Fears. We still use their music. We also post a link where you can purchase their song from Amazon if you'd like. We highly suggest it. After all that's how we were allowed to have the list posted onto Youtube...that and we had to add a bunch of bleeps to out video... :(
22nd-Jan-2009 06:03 pm - First Day of Classes!
Spike + Faye
I had Film Production today. I'm really looking forward to the class and already have an idea for what I want to film. :)
My Thursday class is from 1:30-5:30. We were let out early today.
10th-Jan-2009 02:41 pm - <3
I forgot how much I love Cowboy Bebop. :)
20th-Dec-2008 08:26 pm - I love my aunt.
Okay, this is the aunt that helped in the swindling of a wheelchair from Jefferson hospital so that we could wheel my grandmother to a bar, because she wanted a drink, but didn't feel that she could walk. (We left it in the hospital parking lot mind you, but STILL!)

So Christmas shopping today was a nightmare. She borrowed my grandmother's handicap tag and parked at Old Navy in a handicap spot. She got out and some guy around her age started screaming at her. "You're not handicap! You're not supposed to park there!" She froze, turned and looked him square in the eye. "The leg ISN'T real!" She barked back. The man's jaw dropped and he proceeded to apologize profusely. "It looks so real! I'm so-so sorry!" He bowed his head. "This is what years and years of physical therapy gets you." Without another word she turned heel and hurried into Old Navy and was out within 15 minutes.

Oh. This story made my day.

I went to see I Hate Hamlet tonight at the college. It was great! I loved that they had Hamlet's speech in the play, it was well placed. All the lines from Shakespeare were well placed. It was really funny too.

The ice is fused to every branch of every tree, and every needle on every pine tree. It's WONDERFUL! By wonderful, I mean pretty. It's horrible for the people that have to deal with fallen branches, trees, and car accidents. I'll take pictures in the morning. The bamboo is a frozen fortress. It's pressed to the ground and if you crawl underneath it's a bamboo forest encased in ice! :D

I also have the most ghetto Polaroid camera in existence! I have to hold it up, the eye piece is amiss, and the side mount snapped off. It works though. lol
7th-Dec-2008 07:30 pm - Frustrating
I hate being crippled by my own demise. While I didn't break my foot, and I'm ever so thankful for that, I won't be allowed to walk for the next week without a boot on. I can drive though! I was horrified at the thought of my mother being my chauffeur for the next week. That would be the icing on the cake for this weekend. At least she doesn't have an excuse to yell at me for doing something she doesn't approve of, or for forgetting to do something she asks of me.

1. I rolled my foot.
2. Now Bandit's very ill. He's 14, and I think he's just starting to really show his age. :(
3. My father has been sick all morning.

I can also look forward to the holiday. :)
I look forward...Collapse )

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